Brush Creek Waterspook, J.H., WC   10/31/89 – 5/25/06

In 1989 I got a Labrador puppy from the shelter. Although I had grown up with, and hunted over Labradors my whole life, she was my first “own” dog. I worked her routinely and looked forward to the upcoming pheasant season. One day we were out working pheasants, one week prior to opening, Breeze was hit by a car chasing a rabbit. She was killed. 

     Although I was terribly saddened, I was then on the hunt for a new Labrador to call my own. I found a litter listed in the newspaper (egads!), and proceeded to look at the puppies. The people had a very well bred litter on their hands and did not realize what they had. They were only 4 days old at the time, but born on Halloween night. I made my pick at that tender age, a black female. Approximately 7 weeks later I picked up my new baby, “BRUSH CREEK WATERSPOOK, JH, WC”, known to all as “SPOOKY”. She taught me a LOT about training, more than I taught her I think! I felt that my kennel should be named after Spooky and so WATERSPOOK LABRADORS was born. Spooky crossed the rainbow bridge at the ripe old age of 16 and a half. She helped raise many pups without ever a snap, stole chocolate chip cookies from the counter, retrieved lots of pheasants and was my best friend till the end. Goodbye Old Girl